45 Shore A SM45-3 blue

45 Shore A SM45-3 blue Silicone membrane

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231,75€ kohta metre of a roll

Solar panel laminating, laminating of foil, veneer, production of triplex, thermoforming of solid surface and thermoplastic materials.

Minimum lenght which can be ordered- 1m.

1 metre of a roll- 1m lenght, 1.8 metres width.

Technical data

Thickness, mm:3
Thickness tolerance, mm:+/- 0,4
Width, mm:1800
Length, m:roll 15
Density, g/cm3:1,16 +/- 0,02
Working temperature, max C:240
Tensile strength, Mpa:8,5
Hardness, ShA:45 +/- 5
Elasticity , %:700
Tear strength, N/mm2:9,3
Thickness, mm3
Width, mm1800
Working temperature, max C240
Tensile strenght, Mpa8.5
Hardness, Shore A45 +/-5
Elasticity, %700
Tear strenght, N/mm29.3


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45 Shore A SM45-3 blue Silicone membrane

45 Shore A SM45-3 blue Silicone membrane

High quality silicone rubber membrane for all types of vacuum membrane presses and solar laminator. Elasticity, till 700%. High resistance to tearing, dynamic tension and compression loads.

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