42 Shore A red NR-R-2.5

42 Shore A red NR-R-2.5 Natural rubber membrane

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144,50€ kohta metre of a roll

Natural rubber membranes has been specially developed for use in membrane presses in the wood industry. It is particularly suited for hot bonding PVC sheet to chipboard. The membranes have an exceptionally long service life due to their outstanding heat resistance. Can be used for foil and veneer vacuum pressing up to 120 °C.

Minimal lenght that can be ordered- 1m

Metre of a roll-1m length, 1.7m width.

Technical data

Thickness, mm:2.5
Width, mm:1700
Length, m:roil till 15
Working temperature, max C:120
Tensile strength, Mpa:20
Hardness, Shore A:42
Elasticity, %:700
Tear strength, N/mm2:60
Thickness, mm2.5
Width, mm1700
Working temperature, max C120
Tensile strenght, Mpa20
Hardness, Shore A42
Elasticity, %700
Tear strenght, N/mm260
MaterialNatural rubber


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42 Shore A red NR-R-2.5 Natural rubber membrane

42 Shore A red NR-R-2.5 Natural rubber membrane

Natural rubber membranes - is a high quality, red, vulcanized natural rubber sheet for all types of vacuum membrane presses with working temperature till 120°C.

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