Woodworking Machines

Aflatek offers not only vacuum presses and band saws but even more woodworking machines. Here you can find edge banding machines, wooden chip extractors, roller tables and more.

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  • Sanding and...

    Sanders for many different applications.

  • Planing Machines

    Large variety of wood planing machines for almost any situation.

  • Milling Machines

    Aflatek offers high quality milling machines for woodworking.

  • Edge Banding Machines

    Aflatek edge banding machines are of highest quality and offer high production rate and efficiency.

  • Dust Collectors

    Large choice of dust extractors. Availabe in multiple configurations.

  • Roller Tables

    Roller tables of multiple sizes. 

  • Band Saws

    AFLATEK offers large variety of saws including band saws, miter saws and many more. Since the very begging AFLATEK saws were known for their high productivity, ease of use and for being one of the best options professional use due to their exceptional perfomance as well as for amateur use due to very accessible prices. AFLATEK saws are all around great investment if you are looking for this type of machine.

  • Line lasers & equipment

    Line Laser Modules, Laser Mount Brackets, Wiring and Adapters

    AFLATEK lasers has served industry since 1999 by producing reliable laser products that increase productivity and lower operating cost. Applications include the lumber industry, producers of architectural marble, metal fabricators, and any other application where visual pre-alignment for material processing is required. We have engineered our products based on extensive field testing. They feature long life, quality materials, ease of installation and quick adjustment, with the minimum of maintenance. AFLATEK lasers will produce a clean line for applications in high ambient light conditions and long line requirements.

  • Vacuum Presses

    The AFLATEK membrane presses are optimal solution for woodworking and a furniture production from all types of wood. The vacuum presses are equipped with heating system which allows reduce the time of drying glue and increase productivity of production. The heating temperature monitored and maintained automatically. The membrane presses be used for small capacities but also for professional using.

  • Pellet Machines &...
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Showing 1 - 6 of 14 items
Showing 1 - 6 of 14 items