Wide Belt Sanding/Calibration Machine R-RP630 Aflatek

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Aflatek R-630/1000 series wide belt sanders are made of hardened steel making them extremely stable and durable.

Thickness is messured with an photoelectronic sensor which ensures unprecedented precision and control.

R-RP630 offers superb stability and durability. It is manufactured for professional use where precision and high quality is absolutely neccesary.

Technical data:

Power Supply: 3Ph 380V 50Hz 
Total Motor Power: 20.25kw
Motor Power(1st Unit): 11kw
Motor Power(2nd Unit): 7.5kw
Motor Power(Conveyer): 1.5kw
Motor Power(Lift): 0.25kw
Maximum Working Width: 630mm
Minimum Working Width: 500mm
Working Thickness: 3-110mm
Roller Diametre(First): 190mm
Roller Diametre(Second): 190mm
Size of Sanding Belt: 650x1920mm
Speed of Feed Belt: 6-30m/min
Working Air Pressure: 0.6Mpa
Dust Collector Volume: 8000m3/h
Dimensions(L*W*H): 1900x1200x2100mm
Weight: 1200kg


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Wide Belt Sanding/Calibration Machine R-RP630 Aflatek

Wide Belt Sanding/Calibration Machine R-RP630 Aflatek

Professional calibration/wide belt sanding machine for woodworking. 

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